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Did you know you can customise any of these GIFT BOXES for any occasion like birthdays, baby gift, thinking of you, feel better, get well, condolences, congrats, new home, love you to bits or any occasion where you need to share the love.

Write a personal message in the message box and select one of our NEW GIANT greeting cards and we will pass it on for you. Please write who the gift is from. We also hand write every card so that it adds a personal touch.

ORDERING MULTIPLE GIFT BOXES - if you are ordering multiple gift boxes for different people that you want shipped directly to each person at different addresses -  you must process the orders separately please.

VEGAN Friendly - ALL of our gift boxes are VEGAN friendly, including our candles, the handmade soaps and also the chocolates.

PACKAGING - Most our packaging is made from 100% recycled materials, and everything can be recycled and/or composted. More info coming soon....

We will NOT include receipts inside ANY gift boxes.

Enjoy X