The Journey


Meet Fibi!

growing up in her parents hippie surf shop in the 70’s, meant she has always been surrounded by beaches, surf, palm tress and a tonne of incense!! i'd say this would explain the beachy slow feels of the commonfolk.

fibi has always loved the ritual of burning candles "I think it can totally transform your mood and set the tone for whatever it is you’re doing, ambiance with friends, creating calmness after work or restoring your energy when in the bath. when I say our candles will calm your space and soothe your soul, I literally mean it!

Life is mostly made up of habits and moments. if you can create calming rituals within your home or just any space, your life will be much more nourishing, it's what I try to achieve daily.


taking you back a few years ago, we asked fibi how or more importantly why she started the commonfolk.

a few years ago, I hit rock bottom after my mum passed away suddenly from cancer. It was some of the toughest times I have had. I did some serious soul searching and began rebuilding who I was and how I wanted to show up in the world. i created and have used the commonfolk to channel my grief. I have become so incredibly passionate about creating products that will make you smile, share the love and remind you (and me) to live in the now!!

meet fibi's family.... ben, son marli, twins pixie and dusty.