~ Our Warehouse and Design Studio
Ahhhh, Where all the magic happens! 
Our warehouse and design studio are both 100% solar powered. 
Throughout our HQ we use and work with as many recycled and earth friendly materials as possible, all the way down to our toilet paper and bin liners.
We recycle all of our excess cardboard and timber pallets from shipments, as well as composting our left overs after a delicious lunch!
'Us' as a unit, our small team of 6 do our best to decrease our impact on the environment both inside our Commonfolk HQ and out at home. We all feel so strongly and passionately about how we can do better to make a change on the environment around us. Lets work towards a better future together!
~ Homewares
Our Candles are made with 100% renewable coconut-soy wax.
This means our wax is plant based, vegan friendly and made of a renewable source, soy beans are grown vastly in a number of regions around the world naturally. We ensure our wax is sourced from sustainable farmers and is produced in an earth friendly way. 
Our candles are also made with 100% cotton wicks and Australian Made fine fragrances that we infuse with essential oils. 
Our iconic glass jars are made with recycling in mind, we have created a timber suction lid so they can be washed out thoroughly after use and used around the house or in the office. 
Use your jars to store pantry goods, general house hold goods (they are great for storage) pop some cute house plants in them, etc, or these are also 100% recyclable and can placed into your recycling bin.
Our Room Diffusers are made with an eco friendly base, making them safer and non flammable. Mixed with our Australian made fine fragrance who are also infused with essential oils and bamboo sticks to soak up all that smelly goodness! 
Our Air Fresheners are made by friends in the US. We always make sure we work with like minded businesses who have the same goals and ethos as us. These guys are made from 100% post consumer goods and are 100% recyclable.
Our Incense Ritual Sticks are hand dipped, by us, in our Australian made fine fragrances infused with essential oils and smell, oh so good! The timber stick can be popped in the recycling after the incense has burnt out. We have just recently added a holder to the mix, this is made by our Artisan in NSW who makes all her goodies in her earth friendly studio using renewable clays and recycling practices on site.
~ Body Products
We believe we should all be giving our skin as much TLC as we do for our planet!
We have packed our Hand + Body Wash, Lotions and Body Bars with the most nourishing of ingredients to help cleanse your skin without stripping it of its natural oils. Our products are great for delicate and dry skin and help with problem areas like ezcmea. While keeping your skin at its best, they are also harm free to our sea wildlife, once they have washed their way down our sinks and into our oceans!
Palm Oil FREE
Click the link above to read more of the goodies packed into these guys..
100% of our matte colored bottles have been made using recycled/post consumer goods. This means we have created our packaging by reusing recycled goods. The recycled materials that are already out there are melted down, manipulated and made into brand new packaging, like our bottles, to reduce impact on the environment and save them from going into landfill.
Our Body Bars are hand made and mauled with the greatest of care, featuring our branding indented into the soaps, hand wrapped in recycled and recyclable papers.
~ Chocolate Blocks
Ahhh, doesn't everyone just loveeee chocolate! 
We have packed this Plant Based Choccy with 54% Cacao and a whole lotta flavour! Cacao being known to have a number of health benefits, how could we not! Available in Almond and Salted Caramel flavours, enjoy 100g of goodness in each block. 
We have used Recycled materials for our packaging making both the box, and the liner recyclable. We have also partnered with Cocoa Horizons to help drive a meaningful change by improving the livelihood of cocoa farmers through sustainable farming and community development as well as protecting nature and children.
~ Our Paper + Cardboard Packaging
Over here in Commonfolk HQ we can proudly say that all our paper and cardboard packaging across the brand is sourced from sustainably managed forests and is certified FSC and/or PEFC. 
We work very closely with all our team to ensure we are creating in the most sustainable way and using as much recycled papers and cardboards as we possibly can to reduce our carbon impact.
All of our product packaging and our shipping boxes are printed using plant/soy based inks and are 100% recyclable. These can be popped into your recycling bin or taken to any cardboard recycling tip free. 
~ Shipping
As well as our products being earth friendly, we have made an enormous effort in making sure the way we package and ship our products is in line with our ethos. See below how your orders are packaged and shipped...