Christmas Gift Box - XL Candle


Let's get Happy + Merry and send your tribe a BIG HUG in a box with some gorgeous Christmas Vibe Goodies!


1x XL Christmas Candle in our Christmas Scent Big Sur $59.95

1x Happy + Merry Australian Made Soap Bar $12.95

1x Loco Love Vegan Chocolate $5.95

1x GIANT Christmas Card $3.95

1x Handwritten Personalised Message

1x Packaged in gorgeous Kraft Gift Box made from mostly recycled packaging, and everything can also be recycled or is biodegradable.




Write a message to your love ones and we will pass it on for you on one of our CHRISTMAS gift cards. Write the message in the message box provided once you select your gift card. 





Your gift is supporting not only our family run business but also 4 other Australian small businesses.  We have chosen products that support Australian small business at this tricky time which makes us all feel good and no doubt you are going to make someone feel so loved when they receive this special Gift Box.

Product Notes: The candle scent Big Sur smells like Christmas. The soap is in our signature Hudson Valley Fragrance. The Chocolate is Vegan and may contain nuts.

Read detailed scent description here!

MALI ~ Blends coconut and lime sublime, take me for cocktails on the beach, with a summer breeze and palm trees.

BYRON BAY ~ Bringing you warm natural vibes to your tribe, with a creamy blend of almond milk and coconut milk. This offers a subtle scent of vanilla with sweet almond, warming caramel and a mild twist of coconut.

HIMALAYAS ~ Calm the body, soul and mind with Sage and Cedarwood. cleanse clear create.

PALM DESERT ~ Bohemian Vibes of Sandalwood and Patchouli to fill you with peace, harmony and grow your spiritual awareness.

HUDSON VALLEY ~ A delicious aroma that embraces scents of fresh produce from the valley. A fresh blend of cucumber, mint & ginger with a twist of lemongrass and persian lime.

INDIA ~ Take a walk through the woods and alight the fiery ambers of teakwood together with the warmth of earthly tobacco.

UBUD ~ Elevate your spiritual side with the woodiness of Agarwood, and dreaminess of Musk and Patchouli, then be taken to the tranquil terraces of the Ubud hinterland.

TULUM ~ Take me to the tropics of Tulum to wander and wonder with this dreamy mango and lime sublime.

MOROCCO ~ Take me to the land where the sun sets, surrounded by seas, sands and smells of Sage, Saffron and Amber. Bring me peace.

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Shipping Packaging ~ These goodies are packaged + shipped in our branded Commonfolk recyclable boxes, surrounded by eco-friendly bio-fill (or as we like to call it 'popcorn') Bio-fill can be composted or desolved in water + poured over the garden. All our materials used for shipping are 100% bio-degradable and/or recyclable.

All our products are proudly made in Australia and created with the environment in mind. 

We use recycled and post consumer goods where possible and the most earth friendly of ingredients to create delicious natural products.

Read more about how we, as a business, are reaching for 100% sustainably made and sourced products!