The Nourish Gift Box - Midi Candle


  • The Nourish Gift Box - Midi Candle
  • The Nourish Gift Box - Midi Candle

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Feel Relaxed and indulged with The Nourish Gift Box.  Ignite your ritual by lighting our Incense Ritual Stick and setting your intention. Fill the tub with deliciously warm water and your favourite bath salts & hope right in. Feel wrapped up with love and indulge in Chocolate and Rose Water that has been filtered through with rose quarts in the brewing process to invite in peace, compassion, positivity and clarity. 


Cleanse and nourish your skin with our Body Bar and Body Lotion packed full of natural ingredients, acting gentle on the skin and making it feel a million bucks. 


1x Incense Ritual Sticks $29.95

1x Rose Water $6.95

1x Loco Love Chocolate $5.95

1x Body Bar $12.95

1x Body Lotion $29.95


1x Card of Your Choice $3.95 with Personalised Message

(You can customise your choice of Candle, Scent and Gift Card.)


Worth $89.70

Pay $85




Write a message to your love ones and we will pass it on for you on one of our NEW gift cards. Write the message in the message box provided once you select your gift card. 


Smudge Stick Directions:

Hold one end and point the other end at a 45 degree angle downwards. Light the end facing down. Guide the smoke in the direction of cleansing, Catch any embers with a heat resistant dish or ceramic plate.  If a true flame appears, gently blow out.  Be safe, keep out of reach of children, pets and flammable materials.


This smudge stick is sustainable grown in the California region.




Your gift is supporting not only our family run business but also 2 other Australian small businesses.  We have chosen products that support Australian small business which makes us all feel good and no doubt you are going to make someone feel so loved when they receive this special Gift Box.

Product Notes: The chocolate may vary slightly as handmade and chocolate will be 1 of our 3 color options, we pick the best suited to your candle. 

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