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Our Incense Ritual Sticks + their benefits

Okay, so we know our Ritual sticks smell ohhhh so good & that's a benefit in itself!! But did you know there is more to these guys other than their smell? Here is a few of our favs...

~ PURIFIES AIR some floral scents have an antibacterial property that can help to purify your home. It brings new beginnings to a space + that fresh cleansing feel. Some studies have shown they can eliminate diverse pathogenic bacteria from the air with in closed spaces. TRY OUR PALM DESERT OR UBUD SCENTS.

~ AIDS SLEEP there is belief that incense can assist with sleep. Lavender and chamomile induce calming and restfulness for a busy mind. Light your stick just before you get into bed, but with enough time that it will burn out before you fall asleep to really calm and soothe your mind before drifting off into another world. TRY OUR MOROCCO SCENT.

We believe incense is a key ingredient in creating a more balanced and softer day. There is no greater feeling than setting yourself a ritual for each day and setting up your intentions, whilst embracing all the smelly goodness at the same time.

Soul Goals;

maybe the journey isn't much about becoming anything, maybe it's about un-becoming everything that isn't really you. ~ Paulo Coelho